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Eco-Design for a full natural life
Bioclimatic Architecture is connecting the structure with the placement of the building on the landscape

Bioclimatic Architecture-Passive Solar Systems

Bioclimatic Architecture with the use of Passive Solar Systems, is connected with the placement of the building on the landscape, so that the building shell will be protected from the North winds and will open with large South openings to an internal yard, through a sheltered semi-open air space, which allows everyday activity throughout the year. The surface of the East and West façade is reduced. There is a ventilation from the North to south.


Concrete Constructions

Concrete is the material that dominates in the structural elements of the building, while there is a lot of wooden and metallic working in the openings. The gray concrete is combined by the shades of the famous Polygnotou painter in the walls.

Composite Constructions

The frame construction of the building is made of steel columns with slabs of reinforced concrete, thus achieving large opening with light construction. The metallic construction supports a wooden deck which extends the space of the sheltered balcony, creating the right protection for the open garage in the basement.

Wooden Constructions

Use of ecological materials: Laminated, load bearing, natural wood blocks are the main construction elements of the design, along with ecological thermal insulating materials and a double-shell natural ventilated roof system, all constructed by company WANDS-A. Vasilainas E.E.