STUDIO 3+1 architects was founded in Athens in 1980 by architects Pepe Anastasia and Bertzouanis Peter (graduates of NTUA). Projects of the office include architectural competitions, developments and supervisions of privet residences.

In 1983 the “Group of Architectural and Environmental Developments” was formed in collaboration with a group of architects that focused on public projects and works for environmental impact of roads.

In 1998, Anastasia Pepe worked in the ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change, department of environment.

In 1999, they won First prize in the Panhellenic architectural competition of Ecological Residence – 2000, for their residence, the project “Climatic Residence in Athens”.

In 2003 the office broke away from the collaboration with the Group of public projects and environmental developments.

The office continued to operate from the founding members and focused in projects of architectural design and supervisions of privet contemporary bioclimatic buildings in Athens, Patras , Euvoia, Chania.

In 2008, a new member joined the office, the young architect Alexander Bertzouanis.

The architects are regularly taking part in exhibitions of architectural work in Athens (2000,2008,2009), Patras (1994, 2000, 2003), Rotterdam (1999), Dublin (2006), etc.

Also other activities include published articles in architectural reviews, written by Anastasia Pepe, for the contemporary Bioclimatic architecture in Greece.

Today, the object of the office is the design of wooden houses in Greece, or metal constructions, as the newest ecological and economical constructing method.